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Donor & Sponsor Info

Donation Levels

Sponsor & Advertiser - Full Rectangle Ad on Website, Listing & Logo in Program

Sponsor & Advertiser - Full Rectangle Ad on Website & Listing in Program

Sponsor & Advertiser - Half Rectangle Ad on Website & Listing in Program

Sponsor - Listing on Website & Program

Booster - Listing on Website & Program

Contributor - Listing on Website

Sponsorship Details & Downloadable Files

Sponsor website will be online year long.

4000-5000 copies of the program are printed.

You can either email artwork or instructions to or download and fillout the sponsorship sheet linked below. When emailing ads or logos be sure to include the name of the athlete/coach you are sponsoring as well as the amount of the donation.

Artwork that is emailed will be posted as soon as payment is received.

Deadline to email artwork for All-Star Game program is May 20th.

Sample Artwork

Please note, the firm advertising sheet linked above and handed out had last year's sizes.  We recently found out that the ads will be able to be a little bigger this year.  If you already sent in your artwork we will adjust accordingly. 

Full Rectangle, 510x80 pixels, 72dpi

Half Rectangle, 250x80 pixels, 72dpi