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Legacy Leadership

Dennis Upenna

Bio - Cassville Public Schools: Vo-Ag instructor 39 years, JV Boys Basketball 8 years, Varsity Boys Basketball 29 years. Years of Service and Positions held: WBCA Member 30+ years, All-Star Asst. 1996, All-Star Head Coach 2000. Division 4 Boys Rep. 6 yrs. WBCA President 2006-2008. Election Chair 6+ years, Hall of Fame Selection Committee 6+ years, Mr. Basketball Co Chair 2 years. Dennis and his wife have also helped Joan for several years with Hall of Fame ticket orders and banquet setup.

Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association and Midwest Athletes Against Children’s Cancer Legacy Leadership Award

The award was established in 2019 to honor the legacy, leadership, and lives of WBCA Executive Board members John Cary, Jerry Petitgoue, and David Royston in recognition of their leadership qualities, characteristics in interpersonal relationships, and achievement as Board members.

John Cary served as the MACC Fund's director for nearly 37 years until his retirement in 2018. During that time the cure rate for pediatric cancer increased from 20 percent to 80 percent. The MACC Fund, since its inception in 1976, has contributed over $67 million dollars to childhood cancer and related blood disorder research. The WBCA has proudly contributed $2.9 million dollars towards that amount.

Jerry Petitgoue of Cuba City is the winningest coach in Wisconsin high school basketball history. Petitgoue has coached Varsity basketball for 52 years achieving a career record of 938-252 with three state championships through the 2019 season. He is presently in his 25th year as the Executive Director of the WBCA.

David Royston and his wife, Joy, have led Sports Impressions since 1989 and JustAgame Fieldhouse since 2006 in Wisconsin Dells. Their partnership with the WBCA and the MACC Fund has been a catalyst for the growth in membership and donations. JustAGame provides a home for the WBCA Hall of Fame, Fall Coaches Clinic, and the WBCA-MACC Fund All-Star games.

The WBCA-MACC Fund Legacy Award will be given annually to an Executive Board member and senior student who demonstrates the exemplary qualities of Character, Courage, and Service.

A committee established by the Executive Board has been given the honor and privilege to lead the yearly process of selecting an Executive Board member and student recipient. The 2019 recipients were Dan Burreson, Executive Board member from Mineral Point, and MacKenzie Lindow, student-athlete honoree from East Troy High School.

The committee invites your consideration to nominate a student in their senior year who exemplifies the qualities of character, courage and service. Please join us in the journey of honoring the legacy of three exemplary leaders and two outstanding organizations.

Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Members,

Thank you for the life-changing leadership and dedicated service that you provide as a member of the WBCA Coaches Association. Please consider nominating one of your students for the Legacy Leadership Award. Last year MacKenzie Lindow from East Troy School District was the inaugural recipient.

The information regarding the award and nomination criteria are included with this message. Please submit your nominee and one-page nomination form by March 20, 2020.

Your committee members thank you again for your participation in the process as well as your ongoing championing of the game of basketball and those who have been given the honor and privilege to be associated with the game we all love.


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Nicole Sutter
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